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When organic is bad

Another great day at the Green Business Conference. A terrific awards ceremony in the evening with Habitat Suites in Austin, Texas getting the gong for Green Business Leader of the year. So now we know where we are staying when we are next in Texas! Then listened to the amazing expereinces of the CEO’s of Patagonia and Aveda . They are running truly enlightened businesses. Michael Crooke of Patagonia is leaving for a 6 month sabbatical to complete his PhD based on the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of Flow . He talked of the work Patagonia does, the materials they use and how they treat their people. Amazingly he said that organic cotton wasn’t the answer. It is still a mono crop and organic or not, it is still the thirstiest crop on earth. Coincidentally, I have met a number of hemp suppliers here so I think the next step for us is hemp. And maybe try using that funky PET bottle material that becomes a fleece.

2 thoughts on “When organic is bad”

  1. Check out Chouinord’s book “Let My People Go Surfing” to learn more about Patagonia’s environmental philosophies. An excellent read!


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