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Fame, not so much fortune and new friends…


So the Green Biz conference came to a close last night with a shindig at the site of the Green Festival . We will be exhibiting at the festival over the weekend.
Shared beers with my new mate Michael and his wife Kelly. Michael is from the old Dart and has launched a very cool new wallet .

A live auction of booth spaces ensued run by Daryl Hannah. And blow me down if I didn’t end up with a shiny new booth for next years Festival. Daryl got me up on stage and asked about the business. The Australian accent threw her and she thought I said ‘Flushable Tacos” much to the amusement of all. Anyway, I had a chat with her afterwards. She is off to Australia to see friends shortly. A most approachable person.

Today Kim, Harper, Michelle and Kate come on down from Portland to join me at the booth. Bill McDonough is speaking tomorrow so that should be good. The last of the suppliers of the components of the product has finally got an NDA signed so our Cradle to Cradle accreditation should be forthcoming very soon.

So all up it should be a good day.

Had a great meal with Michael and Kelly after the bash last night. Finally got up into the hills of San Francisco and got a look at the night lights from the restaurant.

It dawned on me last night that we (the family) could be in the States for a long time. And thats a really good thing. It is exactly where we need to be. No other place on Earth right now has the inertia that the US broadly and the West Coast specfically has in terms of Green Business. Exposure to the people at Patagonia, Aveda, Honest Tea et al reinforced that for me.

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