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Green Festival Begins

Green Festival started out superbly with Midwife Michelle, PR Kate, Kim and I manning the booth for the day. A queue formed 30 minutes before the doors were opened and huge numbers came through, making it all the way to the back where we are. Terrific to hear validation for what we are trying to do. The Festival appeals to consumers mostly and it was great to hear from expectant Mums, new Mums and Grandparenst to be. Midwives swung by and really appreciated our Midwife Outreach program. All agreed the packaging and branding were spot on. Not ‘dark green” but the right mix of eco-conscious and groovy, so that mainstream Mums would conisider using it. I just love that “g”!

That Daryl Hannah just kept pestering me all day…came to the booth at one point, asking for directions at another time, then a photo op…I just feel exploited you know. Seriously though, she did come over to the booth and she is so down to earth. She must have spent most of the day at the Festival. And she was good enough to have a photo with Harper and me. And Harper did lunge toward Daryl for what he thought was his next meal but to no avail.

Met interesting media – writer from Treehugger , a reporter from Air America Radio and Yogi Times…so lots of leads for Kato to follow up with.

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