What’s Hempening

Amazing what is happening in the world of fiber. In my previous post, the CEO of Patagonia said organic cotton is not the answer. Looking around the Green Festival today there has been a tremendous amount of development using hemp and bamboo as a textile. We are going to take a good look at these two options for a new and improved v2006 little g pant. Most exciting.
And talking of illicit drugs, Midwife Michelle and PR Kate reported to me this morning that not only did their magnificent suite at the ‘Renoir” located at the dodgy end of Market Street (joys of a start up) have views of a man throwing up, they also enjoyed the aromas of the weed all night long. Looks like they may have the munchies all day today.
Off to the Festival to spread the word and listen to big Billy McDonough talk about Cradle to Cradle and mbdc.

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