Cradle to Cradle, Green Business

3/5ths of the gDiapers team


So who the heck is gDiapers you may well ask. Or you might never and not really care. Either way, herewith a snap of 3 of our fold at the Green Festival in San Francisco. Neal and I missed out. Bummer.
Today we start launch interviews. The first being with Portland Monthly, a homegrown start up doing very well in its second year. As I look around the office at 5.59am this morning, it appears I am working in a bomb site with the requisite white board, oversized post notes, product and my 9 month olds toys strewn across the floor. A part of me really wants to clean it up but the other part feels we should be fair dinkum about the state of affairs here…I suspect the third part of me, that’d be the voice of wife Kimberley, will vote with the first part of me and the place will be sparkling clean by 11am.

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