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Passionate debates


It’s been 2 years since we got into this business. It appears that there are many debates in the parenting community about all the choices that have to be made including diapers. We certainly hear that a lot and respond to many question around the choices out there and the costs and benefits. Other issues include whether you should smack your children, bottle feeding vs breastfeeding and so on and so on. The real doozy though is sleeping. Or lack thereof if you are trying to get your bubs to sleep through the night.

The Essay in this week’s Time Magazine is entitled: “The Debate that never rests: Should babies cry themsleves to sleep? Dr Ferber gives the controversy a twist”. Dr Ferber was the first to advocate “Controlled Crying”: that is where parents leave their little ones on their own to cry it out and sleep through the ight. I think the “Control” part involves trying to keep parents under control and not let them go in and tend to their bubs. His book was written in 1985. So the bombshell he dropped this week was that Controlled Crying was never meant to be the way to solve all sleep problems. Can you feel the tectonic shift in th earth?

The diametrically opposite view is offered by Dr Sears who advocates co-sleeping. Just like diapers the choice is all or nothing. There seems to be no middle ground. Which is why it is so polarizing. Kinda like politics in America right now. gDiapers was mentioned on a midwife blog and somebody posted a message questioning some of the claims we make. So I posted a response and it was all good. And the moderator posted a final note saying how nice it was that a diaper discussion didn’t end in tears!

Because these topics are so sensitive to parents (us included) – they are after all choices we make on behalf of our babies, it is incredibly hard to raise them in a forum without it degenerating into bun fight.
A part of it is agreeing to disagree maybe? Off to demolish a turkey and figure out an answer.

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