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Turkey hangover


Stardate: November 25, 2005. 6.02am. After gorging on Turkey all afternoon yesterday, I am now strangely hungry. Was that lunch I ate and then no dinner? Early dinner? Supper? Did I really pass out at 8pm thanks to the other, other white meat? It appears so. But boy what great food and company.

Given that at high school in Australia, we spent around 45 minutes on US history. I thought I’d better read up on the history of The Gobble Gobble. It appears that the pilgrims wanted to thank their hosts – the native Americans for taking them in during their first winter. It was a harvest festival in some books. But the New York Times yesterday suggested that early on, it was actually a period of fasting…oh the irony!

Friends asked why we don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia. My answer…hard to give thanks as a group of convicts just off the boat from the UK arriving in a strange land with the biggest collection of lethal wildlife known to man…along with some just plain old animal anaomalies like the platypus…so they didn’t know where to put the beak so they stuck two on??

I suspect many of our festivals started as fasting and then morphed into feasting. Chrsitmas – a man died for our sins. Let’s fast. No wait, let’s eat. Easter – same said man is crucified and is resurrected 3 days later. Let’s fast. No, no, I have a better idea. Lets make chocolate easter eggs, hide them, then hunt them, and then eat them. All makes perfect sense!

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