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g’Day has arrived


Day 945 has finally arrived. The crew all headed to New Seasons Market to see the first product on shelf before having lunch and feeling pretty good about it all. Now can every parent with a baby please go to their local New Seasons in Portland or Whole foods in Northern California and buy them. All of them. Tonight if there’s nothing on telly. Thanks.

8 thoughts on “g’Day has arrived”

  1. Kim,
    We won’t be taking on the whole country for a time. We want to make sure the supply chain has all the kinks out of it on the west coast to start with.
    You can go to and buy product as of 5 minutes ago. If you buy now, you will be online customer #3 oops #4…oops #5 (I wish!) and we may name a meeting room after you! Or some such benefit.


  2. Just got back from New Seasons at 7 Corners where I purchased the last starter kit in Large on the shelf. šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to actually try them on my son! They look great. I love the covers (wish there’d been an orange one in my kit, but lime green and blue are nice too)


  3. I just saw this morning that they were released and drove straight to the store to buy them. They are wonderful and so easy to use. Six hours into using them and they have been great. I am wondering if there is a way to buy more of the covers without buying another starter kit?
    Thank you for making such great product. I have already started to pass the good news on to others.


  4. Thanks Christina.
    We suggest that customers do buy a second starter kit as that way they are essentially getting the pads for free. That way you can also get all four colors!
    We will start selling them individually mid next year. As a new company in the US we needed to limit the number of products on offer. Individually, the pants will sell for $14.99 so it makes the starter kit good value.
    Thanks for getting involved.


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