Green Business

Kids and the lurg


Having an onsite day care is so great for us and the staff. Having the kids right there and see them during the day is just terrific. Until of course the lurg (flu) hits and kids start dropping like flies. Yesterday, one little fella went down with a tummy bug and today our little Fynn has been struck down with the same thing. So I have taken Fynn away from the Village and am spending the day at one of our team’s houses. I have set up a makeshift hospital with flat lemonade the order of the day. Luckily there is WiFi here so after Fynn watches Monsters Inc. for one millionth time and gets some sleep, I can whip through some emails. I like this kind of multitasking – not for everyone but kids don’t stay small for long so spending any time you can with them is such a blessing. Even when they are throwing up!

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