Cradle to Cradle, Green Business

Beirut in Bondi


My beloved Bondi Beach back in Sydney is in lockdown this weekend after several big riots along the coastal beaches between surfers – typically white (OK, tanned) anglo saxons and Aussies of middle eastern descent. In language reminiscent of Rummy and W in making their WMD case, the Police Commish talked of “credible evidence” that suggested attacks on the beaches this weekend were on the cards. It seems they have been tracking text messages between gangs. So roads are closed and ID’s are being checked – only residents are allowed into certain areas.

The result – 2,000 beachgoers instead of the expected 20,000 (Australia is having the hottest summer on record. Some blowhards are calling it the “Greenhouse Effect” – bloody, left wing eco-terrorist pessimists. It’s called summer. Not sure if jokes translate well on a blog so just to be sure – I AM joking and DO believe in the Greenhouse effect and am sure Australia will be the first to feel its full force soon…)

Bridges are trying to be built with the Federal Government kicking in $440,000 to train Australians of ethnic descent as lifesavers.

And I thought living in the US was dangerous…

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