Green Business

Christmas party


Tis the season for a company Christmas bash. Memories of alcohol-fueled Yuletide parties back in my stockbroking days were erased yesterday when we took the team to a very different place to celebrate Christmas. Sure, most of them really did want an 8 hour lunch sponsored by Weidmer Brewing but we denied them!
Instead we took them for an hour of podiatric love at Barefoot Sage in SE Portland. Here are Erin and alyssa – the two Champions who run our day care center – The Village. Sitting on elevated sofas we all experienced the most sensational foot massages with tea. And in no ordinary tea cups, no no. Kim had arranged for hand made gDiapers cups to be made back in Australia. Each personlaized with their owners name on it and all. I had always thought that we weren’t a real company until we had branded mugs. And now we have yay!

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