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Nine days into the new year and my first real blog. What a busy week and a bit it has been.
We had our first Board meeting December 20 and had our first company retreat on January 5. And both events provided great fodder for customer service. By the way, our Best Buy experience continues to deteriorate. I found it astounding that in the biggest consumer market in the world that customer service can be that bad. I have no idea how customers can be retained.

So after our Board Meeting – no coup so still running the show with Kim (yay) – we had a meal at Serratto – a terrific restaurant right near our house. It is a perfect place for Kim to duck back and make sure Harper keeps sleeping. So after the meal the promised taxi for one of our biggest investors never came. Oh the embarassment. As it is the closest place to get a drink for me, I know everyone by name…and they just fell over in the service department. Anyway a complete, 100% save tonight. Had a bi-monthly catch up with a board member at the same restaurant and after beers and calamari delivered without being ordered the whole deal was on the house. That’s the way you do it.

And then there was the company retreat at a swank hotel in down town Portland. A pricey suite was booked and Kim and I and Harper decided to stay there the night before. It was classic Fawlty Towers.
Key didn’t work, no roomservice menus, delivered dinner myself, chef sleeps in so no hot breakfast in the morning and broken elevators when the team arrived. I dealt with a delightful event organizer there who arranged for lunch for the 9 of us. She very nicely comped us the lunch and gave us a free stay for some time in the future. So again, a nice save.

I don’t think I have ever thought so much about customer service until now, when we have to deliver great customer service every day. And speaking of that, we are interviewing for a CS person this week and introducing a CRM system to replace the excel spreadsheet of customer contacts. Very adult!

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