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A 3 year old revolution in the Village


The title may suggest a revolution that was 3 years in the making. It actually occurred today and involved 3 year old people – members of our Village, the onsite day care we run here. Today they dug their heals in at nap time and listed their demands. If their demands weren’t met, there’d be no naps.

Demand number one was “Let’s have a meeting”. So a meeting was called in the conference room. We had to rearrange a meeting with a Venture Capital firm but they didn’t seem to mind too much.
Fynn (3.5 years old) felt that the Fort needed a flash light. Will (2.5 years) seconded it and the motion was carried. The budgetary committee was not consulted and I sure as heck hope this doesn’t hit our bottom line. Will demanded a phone so we arranged to add him to the Verizon incalling program. Hope he doesn’t want a video enabled phone. Fynn made a spellbinding case for additional pillows for naps. As the resident Chef, he also requested a stove specifically to make breakfast. The Ayes had it and the meeting adjourned but not before all the big people were put on notice officially. More play, less work.

Not quite sure how to convey that message to the Board but I am sure if we just wheel the kids into that meeting too, they wil get the message.

Pictured above, a triumphant Fynn with newly acquired flash light. Will looks on wondering why on earth they didn’t demand TWO flash lights. This sharing thing is way overrated…

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