Running around Phoenix


So after a solid month of rain, we headed to Phoenix to witness the big red ball of flame in the sky – the greatest nuclear reactor out there, commonly known as the sun. We caught up with relatives, ran a marathon and the kids had a great time riding a very cool train in a kids park in Scottsdale. So while running around the streets with 30,000 others, I noticed a thing or two…

At Mile 1: There is huge pride for New Orleans. Runners with “Proud to be from New Orleans” on their shirts abounded
At Mile 5: There are as many Hummers in Phoenix as there are Toyota Priii ( plural of Prius?) in Portland
At Mile 10 Thus the business case for an environmentally sensitive diaper is weak in Phoenix – bummer as the weather is great and a new gHQ here would be very attractive
At Mile 11: Must contact my good friends at Toyota and see if they would come in on a “Buy a gDiapers Starter Kit and get a free Prius” deal I just devised (oxygen defecit just kicking in now)
At Mile 12: There is one golf resort for every man, woman and child living in Phoenix
At Mile 14: Why is the 3hr 40 minute pacer going slower than the 3hr 45 minute pacer? Note to self – do not follow pace groups
At Mile 15: Who put Split Enz on my iPod?
At Mile 20: OK, somebody shoot me now, I am tired
At Mile 22: Oh, there’s the family, better pick it up now
At Mile 23: OK, they’re gone now, back to dying slowly
At Mile 24: Didn’t I pass Mile 24 an hour ago
At Mile 24.5: I want my mummy now
At Mile 25, 26. 26.2: Running friend Seth joins me and drags my sorry ass over the line. He is attached to the blue gardening shoe in the pic

According to my GPS, I went through 3,300 calories so I sent the afternoon “replenishing” on a Gatorade type drink called “Sierra Nevada” Ale. A bit hoppy but certainly did the trick.

Back to the land of diapers today.

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