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Doyle05_142 For any customers out there with fit issues…

Hi Kim,
I emailed you recently and you called me to help me figure out why I was
having problems with leaky g’s. You had said that I needed a good seal
around the thighs, but not to do the waist too tight (it could effect the
seal). I tried being very conscious of getting a good fit around the thighs
and not doing the velcro too tight, but still they were leaking.

Knowing my goal was a good fit around the thighs, I pulled aside the cloth
cover to see how well the edge of the snap-in liner was fitting, and I
realized it was so loose, I could see his little boy parts easily. Obviously
that was a problem. So I pulled up on the snap-in liner on the front so it
was actually peaking up a bit out the top of the cloth cover. This tightened
up the thigh area to create a good seal and… ta da! It worked! No more
leaking! YEAH!

We went to dinner at a friend’s house and I forgot to change his diaper.
When we got home, I changed it and realized it had not leaked and he had
been wearing the same diaper for over 5 hours (I know, bad mom), but good
diaper! As far as the velcro around the waist, he needs a pretty snug fit
because he’s got a smallish waist, and the tightness around the waist
doesn’t seem to effect it the seal around the thighs. In fact, having the
waist on the snugger side seems to help keep the snap-in liner up higher in
front where it needs to be.

Thank you so much for all your help. I hope this helps you help others with
similar problems!

Also, here’s some pics of Ely in his gDiapers. You have my permission to use
them if you would like to.



Thank you Allison!

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