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Marketing to the edges- The Long Tail

Images_17 There is a whole lot of stuff being written lately about the Long Tail. While most diaper companies (OK there are only two big ones) get their product on shelf at retail and wait, we at gDiapers have taken the Long Tail view and have decided to start marketing to the “edges”.
Here is a first cut at this new strategy.

Target: Gangsta Parents
Rationale: Don’t see Huggies or Pampers doing it but this group has needs too you know
Approach: Viral marketing – from Gangsta to Gangsta
Possible exchange (other than gun fire):

“Yo wot up dog? Check out Junior g in his own little g diapers sporting the cribs colours. Yo, yo (maybe heavy on the yo’s here) Wot wit kicks by Fiddy’s G-Unit and threads by G-Star it’s all g baby, right down the diapers. Let’s gettting kickin’ down to Whole Foods and buy me some.”

OK tough to say if Gangsta’s actually shop at Whole Foods…maybe we can do a quid pro quo deal – protection for diapers?

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