Customer Service

CRM search

Logo_ent So now we are up and running it is time to invest in systems…systems to track customers enquiries is a focus for us. So we search high and low. Fortune 500 companies to Excel. What a process. Some have systems that do the tracking beautifully but then you are forced to buy a bunch of other tools which are included. Think Microsoft and “bundling”. Others were looking the goods all the way through spec checks, a webinar, a demo, a walk through…Oh and by the way we don’t support Apple. Or we are web based but only if your browser is Internet Explorer. Grrrr.
So after resigning to the fact that we would just use Excel, Business 2.0 or Inc – one of the two had a piece on Entellium. Founder is ex-Apple and their tag line is perfect: Powerfully Simple CRM. It all looks the goods. And we just hired a Customer Service Manager so Kim can get off that beat and get more strategic. Yay. Now we love systems.

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