Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle gDiapers

Images_24And the crowd goes wild…we were awarded Cradle to Cradle certification this week. This is Bill McDonough’s framework for product design that demands that after a product’s useful life, it is re-integrated into the environment. We are the only Consumer Packaged Good with the certification in the known universe (cue meglamaniac music).

2 thoughts on “Cradle to Cradle gDiapers”

  1. gDiapers? Now It’s Official: The g Is For “Green”

    We all know how, by 2025, global warming will be so severe, that the ocean levels will rise and the only thing that can possibly save the cities along the eastern seaboard from destruction will be giant levees of disposable diapers, right? Well fortuna…


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