“Expo Uncovered”

Images2_2 So sure our mission at Expo West is to interest buyers, write orders, get PR, make sure our brokers are all set to sell the product. But the real aim for me and the gCrew is to make a start on a blockbuster new doco – “Expo Uncovered”. We are in Disneyland after all…
It’s all about those pretty young things – the sales boys and girls who are uncommonly attractive but perhaps are not quite on message when it comes to all things “organic”. They work with products like the ‘Hollywood Diet” and protein powder. They are terrifyingly fit but maybe chemically enhanced.
They man the booth all day and then hit it hard all night with the industry parties on offer. They make some “sub optimal”, alcohol fueled decisions in the mating stakes, awake in a Hotel 6 zip codes away from the convention center, quickly review the situation, possibly gnaw their own arm off and hurriedly head back to the Expo for a 10am kick off. They do the walk of shame straight to Starbucks and the freebie samples of every organic food ever made (a nice perk) before 8 hours of sell, sell, sell before the next big post match function. PR/ Marketing Kate and I witnessed it at Expo East 6 months ago. We started casting today but were simply overwhelmed with choice. Sad that we parents couldn’t get past 9pm at tonight’s Organic Trade Association dinner!

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