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Day care drama

Images_36 At Expo West I had a few questions about how we did daycare onsite. As we move from a home office where a day care is not such an issue to a “real” office, the complexities mount. We need to be 2 blocks from a park. We need to sweep the park before the kids get there. We need to co-ordinate with other daycares so we are not there at the same time (god help them if they actually interact with others…!). We need triple sinks, special plumbing, one doorway in and out and every one has to sign in and out. If we have more than 8 kids we need a second room. Every child needs to be barcoded on the forehead.

Needless to say finding a landlord willing to do this amount of build out has been tough. But we have found one and he has been so accommodating for us. He has even offered to build us our own park just for the kiddies behind the building.

The building is turning into a hub for like-minded businesses. We actually bumped into our second storey neighbour at a Whole Foods demo in SoCal two weeks ago.

It is so worth it though. I can’t imagine doing this without the 6 little ones running around on the ground floor here. Keeps it all real. And it sure is good to have an R&D Department so close!

2 thoughts on “Day care drama”

  1. Sounds to me like you’ve found a smart landlord. Ride the green/progressive/family friendly wave!
    In the end, doing the right thing will end up being a great business move for him. Just another example of the green economy at work.


  2. I hope the barcodes are as attractive as their g-diapers. I thnik you might have to color coordinate them to be in an accordance with section 1-56-703-657 of who gives a **** code. It is pretty amazing they have these kind of restrictions post birth care, if only they had them for prebirth this world would be a better place.


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