Stories from the trenches

Our approach to Earth Day

Images_41 We couldn’t bear joining the masses by having an “Earth Day” promotion so we mixed it up a little. See our email below – whaddya reckon?

Surrey with the Fringe on Top/Earth Day Sale
Why on Earth is gDiapers having a sale?

1. Katie and Brooke had babies on the same day. Coincidence, or devilish plot?
2. The media can have a serious debate over the true meaning of baby ‘Suri’s name. Princess? Rose? Or ode to classic musical number “Surrey with the fringe on top.”
3. Brangelina’s baby is due soon. Not since ‘baby Suri’ has a baby been so anticipated.
4. It’s Earth Day, duh.
5. All of the above
$3.00 off flushable refills
At gDiapers, we love babies (no matter how much we’ve heard about their arrival in the media) and we love the planet. To celebrate, we’re offering flushable refills online for $3.00 off. Shop now.

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