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Getting tougher and tougher

Images_58 Regular readers will note that I haven’t been blogging much lately. Sure each week is moving faster than the last but it isn’t in fact the busyness of the business that is the issue. The challenge is what parts of the business should I be blogging about. Before we launched it was pretty easy and I pretty much laid out every bump in the road we hit and every win we had. Now we come up against commercial sensitivities. I don’t want to post about the fact that Proctor & Gamble just made a $500 million offer for us.  Or that we just acquired Johnson & Johnson…If in fact these things actually happened which in fact they didn’t.
It’s just getting trickier and trickier and I am wrestling with my fair dinkum credo. I wanna be I promise. I would love to have you all over for pies and beer and talk business but as W.L Gore of Goretex fame says, there are some things that pose "below-the-water-line" risks. Things that will sink the shipl. I mean if Kimberly Clark finds out the P&G just outbid them for us, that would be really bad. So let’s just keep mum about that bit, OK? If any blogger out there or indeed anyone has any tips on this touchy subject of disclosure, give me a hoy. Thanks!

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