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Images_69 So many milestones this month…

(1) Celebrated our 2 year anniversary of our arrival in the US.
(2) Son # 1 turned 4 – he has now spent more of his life in the US than he has in Australia (don’t tell Mum).
(3) Over 200 members of a website started by a customer for gParents to share knowledge. This is one of the greatest achievements of the business to date. And leafing through version one of the Business Plan dated February 2004, I can’t see a mention of it. It’s just one of those wonderful, unpredicatble things that happens in business sometimes.
(4) gD has now gone international, busily learning French before it heads to the great white north.
(5) Celebrated Employee #3’s 1 year anniversary with Tim Tams no less.
(6) gD now the #2 brand in the US after just 10 months
(7) Kim and I are still talking!

Hopefully many more milestones like this to come. Thanks to all of our customers for making all of the above possible. You rock!

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