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Il Presidente

Mums_gift A reader of this blog mentioned to me that they don’t know Kim’s role in the business. Well we better rectify that, given she is the President.
gDiapers was really Kim’s brainchild back in Bondi. After using the Australian version of the product for a time back in 2002-2003, she said to me “why don’t we make a go of this?” I was running a small  Japanese translating service at the time and we had our hands full with our event management business 2’s Company .
I remember thinking we should see how far we could go with it. And this is how far we have gone with it to date!

Kim wears many hats…
She is our Chief “Woo-er”. She is amazing with our existing and prospective customers.
She is the Keeper of the Brand. Don’t go changing that font without asking Kim or there’ll be trouble.
Above all this though, she is a great wife and Mum to boot. I would urge all companies to go get a Kim – just don’t poach this one.

So there you have it. That’s Kim and she rocks.

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