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Mc Screamy

Images_78 While our mates over at Seventh Generation had a party hard 3 days at Expo East last week (Jeffrey Hollender, their CEO is proposing to nix the booth next year and rent a party space for the duration), we at “g” had no less than 2 pregnant staffers on board, Kato and Schooner. On their feet for 24 hours talking gDiapers, they were absolute troopers. So at 6pm each day when it was time to pack up, while most went to the industry shin digs, we all happily headed back to Fawlty Towers for some R&R and the mandatory episode of McDreamy. Kato and Schooner are massive fans. But alas, we got the time wrong by an hour and not even multiple attempts to download the show from could save us. So tragically Neal and I – Grey’s Anatomy virgins, still have no clue who McDreamy or McSteamy are.

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