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Keeping it real for the kids

Images1_38 Read a really interesting piece about the demise of Friendster in the Times over the weekend.
Decided that 3am was the right time to wake up today and also decided to check it out and its main and massive rival MySpace. There I found my own page – something I had registered for a year ago. You sure do feel 36 when booting around MySpace. In the grip of insomnia I built a really crappy looking page and have just 1 friend – some bloke from MySpace who has been welcoming me since 2005 when I first signed up. Fairly tragic given that there is indeed a way to crack the code and show you have a million friends rather than the number you actually have. But you need to be 20 to do that I suspect. Oh to be 20 again…Ah, 6.35 am already – kids up any second now.

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