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Last marathon of the year

Vlv001_2 Assuming I don’t talk shop at tonight’s Christmas party (see last post) and get sozzled on Tequila, I am fronting up to run my last marathon this Sunday in Tucson, Arizona.

This was my first real season of running. In a 15 month period, I ran:

Las Vegas

Newport proved that you can’t cheat at training. Mile 15 came along and all of a sudden I wanted my Mummy…So Portland was to prove I could actually finish and Tucson will hopefully see a little faster pace while getting a tan. Am Australia- bound and gawd I don’t want to look translucent white.

And I did most of these in my shoe of choice – Crocs – the gardening shoe of choice for runners.
Crocs very kindly keep supplying me with said shoes in return for some promo work. Check
this out.

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