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Chicago Green Business Conference 2007 (3)

Calogoheader So now we had a posse, we became a menace. The archetypical, naughty kids at the back of the room. The speakers have been great but as the day weared, we got a little noisy. All meals are provided and the caterer is naturally a sustainable business but it is all vegetarian. So the crew had to bail out and make an emergency burger stop at about 4pm to avoid passing out. After meat and cheese and beer, order was restored and we returned to listen to Michael Crooke – ex CEO of Patagonia and currently working with Steve Case (of AOL fame) on Revolution. And then it was dinner time again. The 4 o’clock burgers killed the appetite so it was a meal of organic wine chased down with organic beer. I had a 10pm conference call with Australia which had to get rescheduled – I couldn’t abandon the team…and off we went to the House of Blues. Tara convinced one of the speakers of the day – Joel Makower to join us and we had a rocking time. After a couple of rounds we were on the floor, cutting a mean rug. All up a tops night, and a pretty hairy morning the next day.
Tonight we have a discotheque type arrangement after the keynote. More later.

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