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A touch of De Niro

Tff_logo Kimmo and I are in NYC for the day – gotta love that JetBlue redeye. With 42 channels free it is just so hard to get any shut eye. We are here as a sponsor of a film that has been shortlisted for the Tribeca Film Festival. The film “The Business of Being Born” is by Rikki Lake of talk show fame. Her first birth involved a 30 hour labour and a world of intervention – drugs, C-section the whole nine yards with lots of machines that go ping. Her second was just the reverse: midwife, at home in a pool. It is a subject close to our hearts. We had both our kids in a pool at home with a midwife. One in Australia and one in the US.
We are setting up for a post launch party in Tribeca and will then choof off to the cinema to see it. Should be fun!

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