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A movie launch isn’t a movie launch…

New_bff_2…without an after party. gDiapers, Happy Baby and Baby Legs hosted an after party for the aforementioned movie. It was quite the success. We met customers by chance – who were really tall too – which is always a thrill. We ended up having sushi with these guys!
And as a couple who have had two homebirth waterbirths, we were surrounded by like minded people which is always nice. As homebirth now represents such a tiny percentage of all births, if you have had one you tend to be drawn to others who have done birth that way. And while I am by no means preaching – birth is a choice and you need to do it the way you want it – the movie did a great job of setting out where birth has come in 100 years, the medicalization of it and the risks of both hospital birth and homebirth. It was really well put together, again in non preachy way. There is always such a fine line to tread with these kinds of issues. There was a great interview with a really wise French ObGyn who did such a good job of setting out the issues.
Maybe time to have another one…

1 thought on “A movie launch isn’t a movie launch…”

  1. Hi there gDiapers,
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    Mother’s Day holds a special symbolic meaning for HMN members because they strive to be active participants in their pregnancies, childbirth, and parenting. They understand the incredibly important role that a mother plays in shaping how a child grows – physically, spiritually, and emotionally, who a child becomes in this world, and how that influences the kind of world we all share.
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