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Death by Kinko’s

Images_2 And while in New York we needed to do something pretty straight forward…make 40 copies of a document. How hard can that be? A google search shows more Kinko’s in any given square mile than Starbucks – that’s saying something…

I just read about the messy marriage of Fedex and Kinko’s and I was about to experience it first hand. Off we go to do said photocopying when we discover not one but every single black and white copier inoperable. They each needed ink, lens cleaning a group hug, I dunno. The staff tried their darndest but despite being literally surrounded by photocpiers, were unable to reproduce our document streak free. So off we trooped to another Kinko’s to find the same issue. Streaky copies…we eventually (at around 11pm) had the Kinko’s folks do the copies for us and we picked them up the next day.

The icing on the cake was that they had no way of binding the documents…just paperclips…no bull clips, nothing. They didn’t even sell them! So off to a paper supply store to get clips. Blood pressure at a million over one by this point!! And then we collate, collate, collate and just make it to our meeting!

Everybody breath….

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