Random Neuron Firing

gDiapers foils crime

Img_3395 So Karen our Office Rockstar (that’s what her card says and I believe it) had her bootiful car stolen 2 weeks ago. It was so upsetting. Kim and I had my Dad’s car stolen back in Sydney in January – understandable as we are all convicts after all…but in the safe haven of the US it is just unthinkable.
Karen had some cartons of gDiapers stock in the back of the car with Michelle our Marketing Manager’s name on it . A lass just called Michelle to say that a car has been sitting in their street for two weeks and it is full of stuff with her name on it. Apparently the car is in perfect nick and just three blocks away from Karen’s home. Yay.
To the left is a pic of my Dad’s car 6 weeks after said theft. It was discovered just 6 blocks away from our place in Sydney. Look at those dialed in cops swarming all over the crime scene. It was not in fact ingenious detective work that got us to the car. It was in fact a mounting number of parking tickets. Insurance paid out on it just a week before its discovery so we couldn’t dive back into it. A little sad as it was the 7th Prius in Australia.

But for Karen, a happy ending. And all is good in the world again.

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