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Logo I just came across some new technology: Pinger. The premise seemed far fetched but in the 48 hours I have known about it, it actually comes in quite useful. Basically if I want to send you a message but I don’t want to bug you ( I know you are in a meeting, getting kids to nap, having dinner) you call the pinger number (a local call) on your cell. The first thing you hear is “who do you want to ping?”. You say the name of the person, Pinger repeats and offers to add any other names (so you can say the same mesage to multiple parties) and then you are on…no lengthy prompts or “Dial star to exit the system, pound to send your number” (who ever does that?). The recipient gets a text message that prompts them to dial the local number and hey presto they get your voice message. I have had to get messages to people at odd hours and so have used it and it really is quite handy.
The only down side is that they use voice recognition technology. So an accent of any sort really buggars the system. I tried on six different Amercian accents to say one person’s name…my deep south is a personal favourite but I still couldn’t get no satisfaction….!

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