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Green products – why you buy…

Images_2 gDiapers had a mention on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” yesterday as they discussed green products and purchase motivation. It started due to a NY Times piece on Wednesday that looked at how the reasons why people purchase the Prius have changed. I often talk about gDiapers as the Toyota Prius of diapers – a hybrid of cloth and disposable diapers.

So in 2004 the biggest reason to buy the Prius was for the financial incentives on offer. Now the biggest reason to purchase is that it makes a statement about the purchasers’ values. And this is where you see the downfall of Honda, Ford and Saturn. Their offerings look identical to regular vehicles so they lack the cachet of the Prius. When we had our second son we wanted to get a bigger Hybrid (we have the old Prius). We looked at the Ford Escape Hybrid but we felt weird driving a mini SUV that may have been regarded as a gas guzzler. So the 4 of us and the dog endure road trips in the old Prius! I also question the MPG stats for any 4WD Hybrid – sounds a little oxymoronic. As the NY Times points out, the Prius has “become in a sense, the four-wheel equivalent of those popular rubber ‘issue bracelets’ in yellow and other colours – it shows the world that its owner cares”. So Honda, Ford and Saturn need to come up with some geeky styling Hybrids to compete it seems…

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