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Lela Rose + Quinny + Kimmy = One rocking night in NYC

Imgp0460 Kim stole away to NY last week leaving me with the kiddos (we had Macca’s for brekky every day and donuts for lunch and dinner…that’ll learn her). One of her appointments was a thoroughly New York partay, featuring Lela Rose and her limited edition Quinny stroller.
Kim had a fabulous time with Lyss Stern (LHS in the pic) from divalyssciousmoms and Summer Stowe (RHS in pic) from Pregnancy Magazine.

Lela Rose, known for her luxurious yet whimsical hand-finished designs, used
her own children as inspiration for the Thumbprint Collection. Her son,
Grey, and daughter, Rosey, literally left their marks on the limited edition
Buzz ($999.99) and Dreami ($399.99) by lending their thumbprints to the
plush fabric interiors. Bright red accents and cross-stitching adorn both
pieces, making the Thumbprint Collection the most distinctive Quinny travel
system yet.

Check ’em out here.

And Lela is a gDiaper customer no less.

(PS: Kim, for the welfare of your kids, don’t leave again…please!)

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