Random Neuron Firing

The dumbest baby product I have ever laid eyes on…..

Image I want you to imagine this. Imagine sliding an electronic chip into your baby’s diaper that has a thin cord attached to it. Imagine that the thin cord of about 18″ is attached to this chip on one end and a scary stuffed animal on the other.

What do you think would happen first? Your poor baby would get electrocuted, or strangled?

Yet somehow…someone thought this was a good idea. It wasn’t enough to be able to leave your kids with a bottle attached to a pacifier so you didn’t have to hold them during feeding time. Now someone wants to make sure you never have to check your kid’s diaper again either.

Introducing the “Wet Baby Dipper Alarm” (That’s not a typo)

The sales pitch?

Attach this device to a baby’s diaper to detect wetness. When the baby wets the diaper, the alarm’s CMOS chip immediately gives out music to alert you to change the diaper. Helps to keep baby clean and dry.

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