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The Pretty Woman a gMum??

Robertsvfx USA Today reports that Vanity Fair reports…

At 40, Julia Roberts wants to make less.

Less garbage, that is.

With husband Danny Moder, 38, twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, 2, and baby Henry, 4 months, she worries about the environment. “You can’t help but be aware, because now we are a home of five people,” the actress tells the next issue of Vanity Fair, on sale in New York and Los Angeles Wednesday and nationally Nov. 13.

“We make a lot of garbage. How can we make less garbage? This is our plight. I use Seventh Generation (chlorine-free, non-toxic) diapers for Finn and Hazel, and then I was turned on to the (plastic-free, flushable) gDiapers” for Henry. “It is flushable, but you’ve got to stir that thing! If you don’t really break it all the way up, it doesn’t go all the way down,” advises the multimillion-dollar leading lady.

Most comfortable these days in her real-life role as mom, the star of 1990’s Pretty Woman and 2000’s Erin Brockovich says she thinks she’s done having children — “at this point I’m having so much fun with them.” She continues, “You only have so much energy and you want to put so much energy into each child. I wouldn’t know how to have five kids. And they’re really a good trio, these three.”

We feel pretty chuffed here at gHQ.

2 thoughts on “The Pretty Woman a gMum??”

  1. Hi.
    Just discovered you via the Nau blog. From all the press on this page it seems like I am the last one in North America to hear about the gDiaper story. In any event, you’ve got a great product that solves a real problem, and it is clear you are building a smart and progressive company. I wish you all continued success.


  2. This is great. My DH bought me this issue just for the Julia Roberts article, as I am a big fan. I was wonderfully surprise to hear that she uses gdiapers! We use both gdaipers and AIO cloth diapers in combination. I love your company keep up the good work.


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