Random Neuron Firing

Naples, flying & getting to Oz in 2008

Images Kim and I and the boys are back on deck after taking some days in Naples, Florida with the Canadian part of the family for Chrissy and New Years eve. Interesting place – blue skies and 85’s every day, more golf courses than any other town in America and two economies – the mega-rich and the folks who have to look after them. The local airport is private (we plebs flew into Fort Myers) and on December 23 it was as busy as O’Hare.

After many days of terrific weather we left yesterday with a forecast for an overnight low of 30 degrees fahrenheit. That’s -1 where I’m from. Yikes.

We came home on American Airlines. It is truly a flying bus. No in-flight entertainment for a 4 hour flight, no substantial food…quite extraordinary. In more exciting aviation news, the “Kangaroo Route” – LA to Sydney which has since the beginning of time been a duopoloy (United and Qantas – this cosy relationship meant very high prices) is about to be broken by “V Australia” – Virgin Airways new entry. So getting Down Under shouldn’t be quite the ordeal for y’all. And Sir Richard knows a thing or two about service.

So make 08 the year you get down there.

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