Random Neuron Firing

Nostalgia: It isn’t what it used to be…

Waverley2 Thirteen years ago a rag tag group of graduates from Newcastle University with some hangers-on put together a rugby team for the Waverley rugby club that went on to win the prestigious (ish) Sydney Judd Cup rugby competition. For many of us, it was our only Premiership in rugby careers that were cut short by buggared achilles, torn ACL’s, tight hammies and girlfriends who just kept asking why. That and the reality that at 25, we were probably not going to make it into the Wallabies.

The boys will be gathering for a slap up Chinese meal in the coming months. I hope to Skype myself in for a virtual beer.

Why commemorate after 13 years? Counting was never our strong suit. And if Kim tries to throw the jersey out one more time, we may be off to “irreconcilable differences” land…!

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