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Dsc_0163 Kim and I are representing gDiapers at the LA premiere of Ricki Lake’s film “The Business of Being Born” on Monday night. It is a terrific film, looking at birth choices and where we are heading as a society. gDiapers sponsored the film’s Tribeca Film Festival after party and now it has national distribution, we wanted to continue that support.

In the past, we would fly together to an event, do it and jam back straight afterwards. This time we thought we would bring the boys and take the weekend to breath a little and see the sights of LA. So we bugged out of work Friday afternoon and headed to LA.

Today we took the boys to Disneyland for the first time. It took just four hours for us to hit the wall – not too bad for a first effort. We took a Buzzlight year flight, were trained in the ways of the Jedi and visited a “Small World” (unchanged since 1977 when I was last here). The Jedi bit demanded we buy light sabres. And even as exhaustion hit and Harper got horizontal, he was still up for a duel!

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