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Work + Play II






Dsc_0104_4 Day Two in Mickeyville and now we have hit our stride. Alaska Air had a neat deal with free flights for the kids, accommodation and 3 days in both Disneyland venues, plus one morning where you can get in an hour before opening. That’s what we did this morning, arriving at 8 am. We scored two strollers (lesson from yesterday) and then proceeded to beat the crowd for an hour. With no conventions next door and the fact it is not school holidays makes it a great time to be here. This is how the first five hours rolled:

1. Buzz light year space ship: two goes back to back – there was no one around!
2. Nemo submarine: Aussie accents were a nice touch
3. Alice in Wonderland ride: Was CS Lewis the pioneer of stories inspired by hallucinogenic drugs?
4. Canal Boatride: Floated by lots of teeny tiny buildings
5. Carousel: Giddy up
6. Peter pan ride: London at night never looked so good. That present-day Millennium merry-go-round is a farce.
7. Dumbo flight: What’s not to like about flying elephants?
8. Mark Twain cruise: Huckleberry Finn…Fynn Graham-Nye – get it?
9. Pirates of the Caribbean boat adventure: Probably would have been good to know that after the first bit down the dark tunnel we drop off Niagara Falls. Good way of knowing the kids don’t get queasy. Kim is another story!

We then had lunch in New Orleans. Who knew you could deep-fry PB&J, cover it in icing sugar…and still call it nutrition?

Back to the hotel at 1.30 for compulsory naps – even the kids. Back at it at 4pm. Makes running a business look easy!

1 thought on “Work + Play II”

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