Stories from the trenches

Work + Play III



Dsc_0064Day two closed with some wins and loses. We stumbled across the street parade which was very good. Fynn then decided he wanted to be a Tween so we HAD to see High School Musical II which was fun. There were no queues for the 3D “Bug’s Life” show. We soon figured out why as a 3D creepy crawly flew into our collective faces spraying us with DDT I think…Fynn ran, Harper was intrigued…!

We recovered by watching the best of all the theatre shows – Aladdin. Then to another overpriced dinner and the 9.00pm riverside show “Fantasmic” – a laser show featuring all of Disney’s stories. It was the story of good (Mickey’s imagination) vs Evil (every evil character Disney has thrown up over the years). Man he did evil well.
Scared the heck out of me that’s for sure. The laser show was brilliant though, using a light mist of water to project old and new Disney animation. Bus to bed,

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