Yahoo User Group

2 years and 2,985 gPeeps

Way back when (OK, it was 2006 but in start up time it feels like 1930), a dedicated customer decided to start a Yahoo User group for gDiapers. You can check it out here . Well we just celebrated that groups two year anniversary. In that time, nearly 3,000 Mums and Dads have become members. Last month saw a record 5,000 messages exchanged between these fine folks.
I just wanted to thank the Founder and all those that have joined to create this vibrant community. I stand by my commitment that if my Lotto numbers come in, I will fly around the US to meet each and every one of you (in a plane powered by switch grass – c’mon Mr Branson…) or Kim and I and the gTeam can have everyone down to Bondi Beach in Sydney for a Barbie (shrimps optional).

2 thoughts on “2 years and 2,985 gPeeps”

  1. oh, baby, Australia here we come!!!! Thanks for a great product, and we’d love to party with the gTeam on the beach…haul out the barbie!


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