Start-up business

The dilemma defined

Passionpop Seth Godin defines the dilemma facing many small brands in the natural space, particularly as they think about partnering with a mass brand. Do they lose that loving feeling as they try to get more Americans to use their product?

I am turning the tables…on Monday gDiapers will be announcing an aggressive takeover of Proctor & Gamble. It’s going to make the Microsoft – Yahoo dance look like a tea party. Sure they do $56 bn in revenue, spend $2bn on marketing and have a market cap of $200 bn but if our staff and 1,000 gMums passed the hat around I bet we can get close. Still need to figure out how we are going to relocate all their staff to this old house in NW Portland.

Just don’t tell my good friend and CEO of P&G, AG Lafley anything yet…it’s a surprise! You read it here first.

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