5,000 miles away from Portland…

We spent this morning wandering around our fabulous Friday market in Meyssac. Meyssac is a village of just 500 people, one mile away from our home away from home. There we saw a true community in action. Everyone from octogenarians to newlyweds and newborns communing over a market of local fresh fruit & vegetables, tapenades, fish, bread, beef, olive oils…ugh – it was heaven. It was a million miles away from the mass supermarkets of Sydney and Portland (offering apples from Brazil, juice from Honduras and meat from New Zealand) that we are more familiar with.
So I was quite surprised to literally bump into Suzie (pictured) – a neighbour from Northwest Portland! She was in town for just two days and just happened to drop into Meyssac village for the day. Encroyable!


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