Expo West 2009

Expo West 2009 Prelude

Kim and I are scrambling around the house tonight with the boys asleep, getting ready for Expo West. We fly tomorrow and are back Sunday. Kim's Mum is flying in from Toronto at 11 pm tonight to look after the kids. The joy of a family-run business! Colleagues Kate, Karen, Michelle are also coming with Neal and Tyler dropping in in Saturday. It's quite the production!

She is bringing the boy's cousin, Ashton in tow, so the kids will barley miss us!

We have kept a journal since we landed in the US in 2004 and it is funny looking back at each of the Expo's. Each of them was special in its own way. We have been developing a pilot for a reality show based on a list of fairly comical Expo characters. It is 5 years in the making and will never see the light of day but it's fun to play! Expo East 2008 (in October) was a particularly quiet one and I suspect this Expo will also be slow. Time will tell. If it IS slow, I am challenging neighboring booths to some indoor cricket. I have a bag full of Tim Tam's as prizes…

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