Sweet Deal Champions League profile: Michelle Hsieh

First_zoo_7_24 (2)

Here is the second of our profiles on our top three Sweet Deal gMums. Please welcome Michelle Hsieh.

I'm Michelle Hsieh, first time and stay at home mommy to Shaylana Barnes.  Her Daddy, my significant other is James Barnes and we live in Phoenix, Arizona.  Shaylana just turned 8 months on Aug 1st.  It was a happy surprise when my water broke 6 weeks early!  Shaylana also has two fur siblings, Droplet and Lulet, and they are already best of friends.

When did you first purchase gdiapers? I first puchased them while pregnant with my baby Shaylana in Sept 08.

What’s your favorite ‘little g’ pant color or print? My absolute favorites are the girly girl ruffle little gpants, but I love all the pink ones.

What do you enjoy telling people about gdiapers? Aside from showing off how cute they are -I love telling people how they are flushable, compostable, disposable, or you can use gcloth.

Why did you become a gMum or gDad? I love gDiapers, spreading the word, and heard about the gMum benefits.

Your favorite gWord is? Girly, because it describes us!  But also Genuine and Green, because it is important to be both!

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