Sweet Deal Champions League profile: Sari Erdos


A big congratulations to everyone who participated in our Sweet Deal competition. We at "g" were blown away by everyone's efforts.

I wanted to share with you profiles on our top three Sweet Deal gMums. First up is Sari Erdos.

Searching for ways to live a greener life, Sari stumbled upon gDiapers earlier this year. “I couldn’t believe the amount of diapers we were throwing into the trash. I knew there had to be a better way.” Sari is a lawyer, a teacher, and a first time stay-at-home-mom to 2 year-old boy/girl twins. Her favorite way to use gDiapers is with cloth inserts, but she also loves the convenience of the flushable inserts. “We can’t wait to try the new gCloth!” Sari lives in River Edge, New Jersey with her husband Victor, twins Teddy and Taylor, and their cat, Major Nelson.

When did you first purchase gdiapers? April, 2009

What’s your favorite ‘little g’ pant color or print? good vibe stripe (both pink and blue, of course – we only have a bunch of orange and vanilla so far, so I'm really looking forward to using that gift certificate to get some of the cute prints!!)

What do you enjoy telling people about gdiapers? I love telling people how easy they are to use, how great they are for the environment, and how incredibly cute they look.

Why did you become a gMum or gDad? I started researching alternatives to disposable diapers and created a blog to help other people learn as well ( Part of my goal is to help people make greener choices by promoting products that I love. gDiapers is one of those products!

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