Blog / Facebook / Twitter…where to start?

Since the arrival of Facebook and Twitter, my blog is getting less and less attention. Somewhat like our dog Mohican when he woke 7 years ago to the sound of Fynn wailing in a pool in the living room (he had just arrived into the world) and again 4 years ago when Harper arrived.

What to do? Quit my job and just write on BlogTwitterBook? But no job somewhat kills off the content. I do semi-cheat: whatever I blog gets posted automatically on my personal Twitter account. The challenge is not only are there three different platforms but on Twitter there is a gDiapers account and my own account. Similarly there is a gDiapers account on Facebook and my own personal Facebook page. And I do like to tailor the content with the reader in mind so I think one post blasted to all accounts is a bit cheap. 

I am however reinvigorated to blog. This weekend with the wife and kids in Canada, I am in the middle of a personal film festival. Kids really prevent a consistent trip to the cinema unless of course it is to see anything from Pixar / Disney et al. After watching Hangover (rubbish) , The Invention of Lying (rubbish), Capitalism: A Love Story (very good – more to come)  I have just watched Julie & Julia. In the film, Julie Powell cooks all 524 recipes from Julia Child's best-selling cook book in 365 days. She blogs about her experience and the result as well as the book and now the movie are very good. So blog, I'm back.