SVN 2009

#SVNetwork: Fall Gathering 2009 in San Diego. Day Two.

This is my first Social Venture Network event. Someone mentioned that the group is so Type A, you may feel like the work you do doesn't count so much. That is quite true as I meet with more and more of these inspirational leaders. We at "g" need to turn it up a notch!

The SVN Innovation Awards Ceremony honored seven entrepreneurs running  ground-breaking, world saving organizations.

America represents 5% of the world's population but consumes 25% of the world's resources.

America represents 5% of the world's population but has 25% of the world's criminals in it's jails.

Imagine a company that solves both those issues. Workforce Inc. does just that. They employ recently released prisoners to recycle waste before it hits landfills. Recidivism runs at 75% in the US but for employees at Workforce, it is just 11%. Really inspirational stuff.

The other award winners were equally brilliant. Check out:

Agora Partnerships

Corporation for Economic Opportunity

D.Light Design

Genocide Intervention NetworkEarthcycle Packaging

Tri-State Biodiesel